About counter-enamelling

25 september 2014 // Door webmaster //
About counter-enamelling.
  1. It is generally best to counter-enamel larger pieces. Alternatively one can choose thicker metal; e.g. when working with 0.8 mm (0.31″) one might change to 1 mm (0.39″).
  2. Enamel applied to the metal should not be thicker than half the thickness of the metal.
  3. If the piece needs to be fired a number of times, or one applies beads to the surface, the counter-enamel may be thicker. Do pay attention to using enamel and counter-enamel with comparable melting properties.
  4. If the enamel is too thick at the edges, stress will build up and the enamel is likely to crack.
  5. If enamel is not completely dry during firing, it will retract from the edges.


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