Enamel chips on curved surfaces after cooling down

25 september 2014 // Door webmaster //
Why does enamel, after cooling down, often chip on curved surfaces?
Enameling on curved surfaces (Émail de ronde bosse) calls for special precautions.
  • After shaping the copper it should be properly annealed.
  • Degrease the metal thoroughly.
  • Apply a layer of nearly undiluted gum tragacanth, spread it with a feather to remove air bubbles. (Note: gum traganth is expensive, difficult to obtain and decays with time. Use any natural glue, such as gum arabic, glue for wallpaper, agarth, lavender oil, klyrfire or Blu-stic).
  • Dust the enamel evenly onto the surface (apply thin layers on top of each other rather than one thick layer).
  • Accurately adjust the kiln to the proper temperature.
  • Put the object in the kiln and remove it before it glows orange-red, otherwise the enamel starts dripping.
  • Let it cool down slowly, hence do not put it on metal.


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