Enamel chips on the piece

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Enamel chips on the piece.
  1. Enamel often chips on because metal and enamel have different coefficients of thermal expansion, giving rise to stresses. The enamel should therefore be suitable for the metal to which it is applied; brass is unsuitable for enamelling, always use red copper, tombak with a low zinc content (tombak for enamelling), bronze, silver or gold. Other metals (steel, aluminum) can also be enamelled with suitable enamels.
  2. Most important causes: enamel applied too thickly, if glue was applied it did not dry completely, counter-enamel was not applied, hammering or applying pressure to the piece when finishing it, the metal was not sufficiently clean prior to enamelling.
  3. When firing with the open torch this may cause large temperature gradients in the enamel piece. This may give rise to cracks in the enamel, or to enamel chipping off.

Remedy: if necessary apply counter-enamel.
Furthermore: sand down to the metal and re-apply enamel, and if these leaves the surface uneven after firing stone it and fire it briefly.

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