Enamel on porcelain

25 september 2014 // Door webmaster //
Michelle Dickson
Is it possible to enamel on porcelain. If so, do you know who supplies this type of enamel?
Your help is appreciated!
Michelle Dickson, US
Answer 1
Jean V
With all the glazes available for porcelain, why would you want to? Use a search engine to find who makes what you are looking for. Thompson Enamel makes a variety of enamels to use on various metals and glass. Don’t know if it works on ceramic materials. If you want to try it anyway, the only help I can give is to say TEST IT. If you have compatibility, it works. If it doesn’t work, you will know it because it will come apart.
Jean V, US
Answer 2
Woodrow Carpenter
Most porcelain can be enameled with Thompson’s 5000 & 6000 series. The decorated porcelain, of course, must be fired as any pottery — placed into a cold kiln, brought to temperature slowly, turned off, and cooled slowly to room temperature.
Woodrow Carpenter
Answer 3
Allan Heywood
It’s done everyday all over the world as an industrial process and as a hobby, and is generally called “China painting”. The porcelain/china paints are glazes very similar to “jewellery” enamels – many hundreds of thousands of people practise this pastime. The materials and excellent instruction are available just about anywhere from specialist “China painting” shops.
Allan Heywood


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